Who We Are:

Established in the mid 70’s, the Caribbean Cultural Festivities Association (CCFA) is a non-profit organization with purpose and mandate to promote racial harmony and preserve the cultural heritage under the name of Carifiesta.  CCFA responds to the need of the community to celebrate and share Caribbean Carnival culture through fine arts, street theatre, artistic and musical social organization, spectator participation, political commentary, spectacle, and fantasy. 

A Brief History of Carnival:

Carnival originated in ancient Egypt, then eventually was celebrated by Greeks and Romans when the festival, was adopted by the Roman Catholic church under the title of Carne Vale. Meaning, farewell to flesh, it is a feast celebrated on the Sunday (Dimanche Gras), Monday (Lundi Gras) and Tuesday (Mardi Gras) before Ash Wednesday and marks the beginning of Lent and Fasting. 

 Fast forward to the Age of Discovery of the Americas, African slaves in the Caribbean were excluded from these European celebrations and lavish masquerade balls by the settlers. Once emancipated the slaves transformed this European festival forever into a celebration of the end of slavery. 


Our Mission:

The Caribbean consists of many islands   known to tourists as a get away from their stressful routine or lifestyle. It is a place to escape: enjoy great music, enjoy great weather, and especially the great food. Although, there are over 7 000 Caribbean islands every island provides an appeal of escape no matter where you are from. Carifiesta is the embodiment of this same philosophy. We want to display many islands as one nation. No matter where you are from, come out and enjoy this small get away from your day to day. Carifiesta is not only a parade! It is street theater at its finest, displaying beautiful cultural presentations of what freedom or emancipation means.  Carifiesta also provides an open venue where you can enjoy food from various Caribbean islands, purchase art and cultural merchandise from the Caribbean and support a community while sharing a relaxed vibe as Canada’s reputable artist and best DJ’s take you on a Montreal tropical escape.